Acts of Self Love Challenge

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 Day 1 Honor your inner G this is a Day for you to honor Your inner God/Goddess . Today lift yourself up in prayer and Make an offering to You
Day 2 moment of silence Today take time to connect with your breath be still and listen
Day 3 Got that glow Today work when your heart energy make sure you visualize your aura radiating an affecting others in love and light!
Day 4 sacred movement today use some sort of movement whether yoga exercising walking running focusing on your energy and how it connects with your breath to create sacred movement!
Day 5 it's tea time today take a moment to slippety that is connected to our heart that is beneficial for your heart shock row but most importantly take time to reflect while Sipping By reading, writing in a journal, or listening to music
Day 6 colouration Today take time out to color or paint. Just do something creative that involves you using your child like a imagination so buy a coloring book or finger paint do something fun that gets you out of your head and connects you to the inner child
Day 7 smell the roses today connect with nature buy some flowers or a plant go to the park or botanical do something that connects you with the Earth! We are one!
Day 8 visual ecstasy today visualize your ideal life what would you do right now if someone said live the life you deserve what does it look like, how does it feel, who are the people in it, visualize it!
Day 9 be pampered Today focus on pampering yourself whether you go to the spa or you do it at home do something to give yourself love and appreciation
Day 10 it's generational today focus on what is your generational curse what is your generational bind, what do you see that you have been repeating from generations of the past Identify it and find the solution so we can begin to heal for The future
Day 11 goal digger today focus on your goals what do you want to accomplish write it out make a plan and create the blue print
Day 12 gratitude today is all about being grateful but not only showing gratitude to what we have but also showing gratitude to the things that we are directly connected to be grateful for who you are and what you have accomplished list 10 things that you are grateful for
Day 13 spiritual bath today take a spiritual bath to release that energy ! Now embrace Your self love journey with roses, cinnamon and bath salts, and surrounded yourself with rose quartz crystal quartz and things that benefit your growth and your Evolution
Day 14 I love you say i love you not only to yourself but to everyone you come in contact with love heals all things!
Day 15 crystallize Today is all about crystal healing using rose courts or emeralds to create healing for our heart any emotional well being! We are encouraging our self love today be still meditate with a crystal and focus on charging all that we do with love
Day 16 praise dance today have a dance break with all your favorite songs that allows you to be free and have fun
Day17 juice craze today drink juice 100% all natural fresh juice visit a juice bar or make your own try something new and focus on the intention of how this juice is healing your body and creating love for your health
Day 18 chef it up today try something new get in the kitchen and cook a vegetarian or high vibrational meal that is great for your body! Put love into it!
Day 19 the rebirth today is your rebirth as you let go of the old and you embrace the new you! Today you are being reborn into your God goddess energy acknowledge this rebirth and take time to admire it! Write the changes you see in your growth
Day 20 Enlightenment today Learn something new or find a new skill take this time to read listen educate yourself on something that creates Enlightenment! Reading is fundamental!
Day 21 Peace be still today take time to meditate! In meditation we listen we received the download and we are connected to our breath which is connected to source! Allow this peace to create an understanding within who you are and listen for your guidance.
Day 22 For the culture today celebrate your heritage celebrate your ancestory and show up and show out! Acknowledge where you came from be a representative of that as if you were claiming your throne!
Day 23 I am- today manifest all that you are in your appearance show your God/goddess attire adorn yourself, Crown yourself, and dress in the finest attire to walk in your God like energy! DRESS THE PART
Day 24 create it Today it's time to manifest now that you realize who you are it's time to create! You are a Co creator so manifest your desires from the Spirit realm to the physical! What do you want to manifest!
Day 25 Sourceful Today honor the Source you connect to! Today honor the dieties, Orishas, the energy, or whoever you see fit today we honor them because it is that which we are connected to that supports our Greatness!
Day 26 mastery today we master who we are! Make a list of the things you find as your strengths and your weaknesses look at it reflect on it and make a plan to master who you are moving forward!
Day 27 mirror mirror today look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you find amazing about who you are but also be honest! Not only acknowledge your gifts but also your flaws and what we need to do to empower who we are!
Day 28 Guards Today We set boundaries! No hall passes! Today we protect all the work that we have done, we remove anyone or anything that is not serving our higher self call the guards!