My Story

Greetings beloved I'm Tamara Shanell 

When I chose to embrace the path as a healer, or as I like to call it Lifestyle Alchemist,  I  knew I truly found my purpose. I've ran my whole life from the responsibility of being held accountable for my divine assignment, shit even self destructed a few times.  Finally I decided that my mission was not to simply become an open ear and help with a solution but to become an understanding heart and to teach you that you are the solution. No one likes entrusting themselves to someone that has no clue or cannot relate to what they are feeling. I truly aim to provide a real experience while assisting you to take a more proactive approach to getting what you want in life by owning your power. Know that you have the materials within you already to manifest and bring to fruition your best self. Some just need a little help, or push, lol getting a head start. When I have personally chosen mentors, I  have chose people who understood that life is the best teacher and in life sometimes the test comes before the lesson. My passion is showing you how to not only navigate the test better but master the lesson so you can connect to your source and reach the outcome you not only desire but deserve.
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