15 day detox

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Toxins are ingested through unhealthy diets, bad habits, and chemical pollutants. Toxins lead to headaches, obesity, joint pain, constipation, diarrhea, or worse. Autoimmune disease.

Toxins enter the body through Drugs, Prescription Medicine, Smoking, Birth Control, Skin Products, Makeup, Household Detergents & Cleaning Products, Bath Soaps, Shampoo, Flouride Toothpaste, and Pets.

We are inundated with TOXINS.

This is why I teach the Importance OF Detoxification.

We should Always Be Cleansing. Everything we ingest should be nourishing and cleansing.

Why is a GROUP DETOX the Most effective way to be successful?

Everything I have ever done with success, I first used mentorship. I allowed myself to get properly educated by an expert and then I grabbed my sister-friends and together we provided support and accountability for one another.

Many of us don’t have real support at home, so our private group is a place to draw strength. This is so valuable.

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