God is Awakening

God is Awakening

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15 weeks of intentional connection to your spiritual development and maintenance with Intuitive healers and wellness center staff! 

Full Amount  $1111
You will receive an God-is intention box every month  with tools to help with that current months energy.

4 live 1 on 1 zoom class and additional video content 


and exclusive opportunities and discounts  to private healing sessions throughout the year 

Payment Plan is $99 per week w/ boxes




Welcome to 1st edition of God is Awakening “ A guided course and handbook to connecting and maintaining your spirit. If you are new to this journey this will be a great staple in your evolution and will be a valuable tool in the years to come! This course and handbook has many tools and journaling will be the main process that initiates the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the most intimate part of yourself. This guided course will help you start making an intentional habit to not only record your daily interactions but deepen the process with new techniques along the way. This is an invitation to truly be intimate with yourself and your journey, celebrating the lessons and the blessings you have mastered and will face in the future. Let’s build your connection together with spirit!